So one of the thing I would like this site to do is to share artists or other individuals who impact what I do, whether it be in a creative sense, or in a technical/training sense.  I have been following many blogs and sites for quite a while, trying to absorb all the information that I can, and apply that knowledge to my work.  However, at some point, there actually has to be work done.  And this is where the first individual I want to introduce you to comes into play.

Meet Casey Neistat.  I am sure that many of you in the video world have heard of him.  His short, simply produced, fun films are created on whatever gear he may have with him at the moment.  They aren’t perfect, but they accomplish their goal and communicate his story as he wants, and that is why they work so well.  His child-like, no-f*cks-given, live life to the fullest attitude are constant themes in many of his videos.  Can he be over the top at times?  Sure, but that’s the point.  If you are new to his work, I highly suggest heading over to his YouTube channel and take a look.

What inspires me about Casey is his motto: ‘Do More’.  Short, simple, to the point, like many of his videos.  But it can be difficult to implement, which is something I will touch on in later posts.  I most definitely not been doing more, and that is going to change (the whole accountability part of this site).  While I won’t go so far as to get a tattoo, I remember that motto every morning.  At times, it bums me out that I don’t so more, which is extremely counterproductive in the creative process.  But this is why I must work hard to overcome, and why Casey is an individual who inspires me.

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