Keeping active…

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was out shooting with a Lensbaby Control Freak, and that I would post up after I edit.  Well, in the mean time, I had some computer issues that I documented.  Long story short, I finally got around to reviewing and editing the images.  Well, in my perfectionist mind, I wasn’t too impressed with any of the Lensbaby shots.  That’s encouraging though as it is motivating me to get back out there and practice more with that lens!  I really enjoy playing with depth of field, and that lens is simply amazing with how you can play with that…

The session did turn out an image that I thoroughly enjoyed.  A simple image, but I had a lot of fun in post.  I do use many Topaz Labs plugins, and I am going to be off to a training webinar for that here shortly.  I like the flexibility and power these plugins offer, as well as the exciting options they help to open up.

Photograph The Future by Mike Hannigan on 500px

The Future by Mike Hannigan on 500px

I also got out and shot some video this afternoon.  I haven’t done much with DSLR video, but have had a creative interest in it for quite a long time…  It was one of the reasons why I bought the Canon 7D to begin with.  While it is an older body by this time, it is still an extremely powerful creative tool.  I think the only concern I have about video right now is: 1) Getting out there and practicing by finding interesting subject matter, and 2) A sickly computer that is having issues with processor intensive tasks right now.  I have been finding excuses as to why I can’t do things (IE: I need this gear, that lens, more blah blah blah…), but with trying to stick with the ‘DO MORE’ motto, I will do the best with what I’ve got.

I hope that you enjoy the image and the blog so far!  Please share if you do!

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