Slices of time…

The unique part of photography is that it captures a split second of time, and that all motion is implied and not necessarily expressed.  So by exploring other methods of visual art by using cinemagraphs and GIFs*, it is an extension of that slice of time.  Not necessarily a film, though it still has a story to tell.  I guess you could call it at spliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit second in time…?

I have always enjoyed time lapse images, so creating a short GIF was fun.  I also like light trails and long shutter speeds, so I wanted to try to combine the two in an engaging loop.  I feel my first endeavor to create this animation was pretty darn good.  I wonder where all these people are going and why they are rushing around.  I also get the sensation of spacecraft jumping to light speed, the geek in me surfacing.

The Rush

I also wanted to experiment with the new-age GIF, the cinemagraph.  This is going to be a fun new direction for me in expressing myself through unique perspectives, but with an added twist.  I learned a lot from this experiment, and already have quite a few new ideas on what subjects to try next!

Thirst Quencher

So if this post isn’t pushing your processor to it’s limit, then you have a pretty nifty computer!  My computer is about to keel over, so donations are welcome…

*Note: To me it it will always be GIF with a GUH, not GIF like JIFF…  You can pry that hard GEE from my cold dead hands.

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