Happy New Year! (And then some…)

Hi everybody!

So, as you can tell, it has been quite a while since the last time I updated my blog… I want to thank all those who have stayed subscribed! It has been a busy few months since my last update.

As you could probably tell, the handful of posts I had last fall were for class assignments. We were instructed to avoid calling ourselves students though, as the exercises were to be approached as if we were professionals. Great exercises, and I can understand why we were encouraged to do that. However, I personally see nothing wrong with being students. In fact, everyone should always continue to be a student throughout their life. It is important to continue learning. And, as a creative, by continuing to learn and have new experiences, this will give us new tools to express ourselves.

Last quarter was a rather stressful one, and I decided to step away from the blog and try to refocus on what I was expending energy on. I was in front of screens far too much, and not spending my time wisely. Since this was the holiday timeframe, I did what many of us do at that time and came up with some resolutions, or rather, personal commitments to a better life.

Of course, more exercise was definitely on the list. But so was more reading. Also, exposing myself to other creative viewpoints. And to journal on a daily basis. So far, I have pretty much kept these personal commitments.

One goal was to read 12 books this year. Considering other demands on my time, I originally thought this was a reasonable goal. Well, it is going to need some revision. To date, I have finished seven books and I am working the eighth. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed reading! I have also walked 62 miles so far this year, though I am hoping to do 60 miles this month. Walking has also given me time to listen to amazing and fun podcasts such as DSLRFilmNoob and the TED Talks on art.

For now, I have decided to not continue with classes full-time for a variety of reasons, though I am still taking one class each quarter that is personally enriching and photography oriented. This quarter I am learning about alternate processes such as cyanotypes, solarization, composites, Van Dyke, and Mordançage amongst others. I have really enjoyed this class, and it has given me new was to express myself.

Going forward, I am going to post up longer posts a few times per month, though I am also going to post micro-posts or ‘blipverts’ (to blatantly steal from Max Headroom) on a regular basis. These blipverts may be images I create, random thoughts or quotes, or even just words of encouragement.

Again, thank you all for those that have stuck with me over the past few months! And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming…

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