New Quarter, New Challenges!

Zone VI 4X5 Field Camera

So I started a new quarter a few weeks ago, taking Large Format Photography…  All I can say is: WOW!  I knew I would be both challenged as well as thrilled to be in this class.  I am working with an amazing Zone VI 4X5 field camera.  Obviously, I have a lot to learn both in how to use the camera correctly, as well as working in large format.

Train Trestle - 8X10 Silver Gelatin Print Train Trestle – 8X10 Silver Gelatin Print

One thing I will say is that large format forces you to slow down and really approach your subject with both an open mind, but being technically detailed.  Methodical is the name of the game here.  The shoot I worked on last Friday was at the same location as a shoot I did last fall in Landscape class.  In that class, I took about 120 or so images.  Last Friday I took six in the same amount of time. Have been shooting digital stills and video footage of my endeavors, and will be sharing them going forward.  The video is going to be edited into a short, though I am uncertain if I want to try to do periodicals or just one completed piece when I am done with class…

4X5 Negative 4X5 Negative

I can easily see that I will continue on shooting large format in the future. It is nearly indescribable how detailed the 4X5 negatives are.  I will eventually be blessed with an 8X10 field camera, and there is no amount of thanks I can give that will be sufficient to express my gratitude for this gift.

Inspiration - Digital recreation of a 4X5 shot Inspiration – Digital recreation of a 4X5 shot

On a more modern note, I have been working on completely revamping and reorganizing my image library.  It had gotten so disjointed and convoluted over the years that a new system had to be implemented.  It has taken a few weeks to get things place, and I am almost done.  I am hoping that I will be done with this project next week.  I have also decided to ditch Photoshop and Lightroom, and try to make Photos and Aperture work for now.  I am hedging bets that since Apple has pulled sales and support for Aperture, that they are in the process of building a new, pro-level photo editing application (‘Aperture Pro X’ so-to-speak), something akin to what they did with Final Cut a few years ago.  Apple can’t be out of the the photo editing app business for long.

Zone VI in the wild! Zone VI in the wild!

This whole computer project has been plagued by Finder crashes and other issues that come along with a senior laptop.  It’s plugging along OK, but I have to be cautious, with daily reboots and not bogging things down too much.  I have cleared out the main drive, paring down from 300GB to right about 70GB.  Hopefully this will help me gain a bit more stability so I can get back to editing and posting.  All these efforts are geared toward me finally starting to edge closer to monetizing my images…

It's all a process! It’s all a process!

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