The learning continues (#FeedYourMind)…

SFCC Shootout 2015

I am somewhat surprised at how quickly this quarter has flown by.  I have been nose to the grindstone keeping up with assignments, secondary shooting, as well as trying to edit video for my documentary project on my large format class.

I spent close to a month reorganizing my image library, and even with all that I am only about half way done.  I completely revamped my non-archived images and videos as they were all over the place.  I created a new year/month/day organization profile, including ‘Tags’ through Mac OS Finder.  After that was to import the images into my current editing apps: Photos and Aperture.  Thankfully Affinity doesn’t import libraries…  I’m still holding onto the belief that Apple is creating a new pro-level photo editing app so I can continue avoiding anything Adobe.  All this work helped get my aging laptop back into fighting shape so I could confidently edit without fear of constant crashes.

All that said, I am still out shooting 4×5 as often as I can, keeping up with assignments for class.  This last week was the SFCC Shootout at the Riverside Event Center here in Spokane.  I did this last year at the same location and it was a lot of fun (spelled work)!  I worked on images that concentrated on reciprocity failure, and to a lesser extent, bellows extension.  Due to the relocation of the cage and with most instructors not being on campus, the photo building was closed so that meant no developing.  With the upcoming long weekend I won’t be able to get in to the darkroom until Tuesday.

As for the documentary I am working on, I have a fair amount of footage to put something together, at least so far.  I think I sit at about ten minutes right now, though I am going to shoot for something slightly shorter when I am finally done editing.  I want it to be short and engaging.  I am also debating on some sort of voiceover to help with overall cohesiveness.  The almost week-to-week narration is a bit of a hatchet job and a bit scattered.

To close, I threw together a quick edit of a digital shot I grabbed at the REC this past week…  Thanks again for your views, and if you like what you see, please share with one person!

The Haunting The Haunting © Michael Hannigan 2015

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